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Dr. Ling is featured at professional gatherings around

the world as a speaker and presenter. He is frequently

cited in non-scientific press for his expert opinions on

substance abuse, addiction, pain medication and the

opioid crisis.


At right, Dr. Ling presents "Mastering the Addicted Brain"

to Siriwanwari Narirat Ratchakanya, a Princess of the

Kingdom of Thailand.

2018 present bk to Princess.JPG
American Society of Addiction Medicine
Annual Meeting

San Diego, California, April, 2018

"Most of the drug studies up to now measure two things -- retention and drug use," said Walter Ling, MD, of the University of California Los Angeles, during a poster presentation at the American Society of Addiction Medicine annual meeting here. "We don't measure getting a life." 

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Impact of RBP-6000 (Once-Monthly Depot Buprenorphine) on Patient-Reported Outcomes: A Long-Term Study

News provided by Indivior PLC, April, 2018

"Addressing opioid use disorder is about more than abstinence from substance abuse. As a clinician, I also speak with my patients about having a job, health insurance and their relationships with family, as these are important factors for reengaging with society," said Walter Ling, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Founding Director of the Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP), University of California, Los Angeles, and lead author. "The study showed that patients seeking medication who received SUBLOCADE for up to 12 months were satisfied with the medication and reported positive recovery-related outcomes1. The Treatment Effectiveness Assessment showed that patients in the de novo cohort reported a steady improvement in substance abuse, health, lifestyle and community outcomes."

Read more about the study.

Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine
Annual Conference, 8 November 2017

Palm Springs, California, November, 2017

International Society of Addiction Medicine
19th Annual Conference

Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 2017

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